Download Youth and Teen Daze remixes of Bravestation’s “White Wolves”

bravestation white wolves

Bravestation‘s on a roll! They announced their “White Wolves” video and UK tour last week (check it) and now we have bumpin’ remixes of the track.

I particularly love the Youth one, which has expanded “White Wolves” into something really danceable. It cut up Devin Wilson’s vocals into ghostly grooves and added more beats, electro swirls and toy-piano like highlights. It’s already been on repeat for me today.

Download here.

And download the Teen Daze remix here, which is a slower and dreamier interpretation.

Three sides to the “White Wolves” tale, not bad, not bad at all.


Download: Teen Daze remixes Said the Whale’s “Holly, Ontario”

I never thought I’d hear gentle Vancouver rockers Said the Whale remixed, but fellow BC buzz man Teen Daze went and did it.

Released this morning, the remix of “Holly, Ontario” revolves on quite a tiny axis, so it’s miles different from its original ( slow, acoustic). I wonder why they went with this song of all songs.

Either way, it’s pretty. So give ‘er a download.

PS – Teen Daze just released a free EP of reworked parts of Geotic’s Mend.

EDIT: My pals Kirk and Bryan have pointed me towards the “Gentleman” remix/mashup of 2009, with clips of Holy Fuck, Shad, MGMT and more. I guess I’m a bit behind the times, folks.

Download of the Week: Sebastien Grainger’s remix of Holy Fuck’s “Red Lights”

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holy fuck red lights sebastien grainger

When thinking back on Holy Fuck’s 2010, one of the most notable moments was when they released a video for “Red Lights,” featuring cats getting into all sorts of chaos. Sebastien Grainger, of Death From Above 1979, Bad Tits, and solo work fame, has gotten in on the shenanigans with his remix of the single.

mp3 download: “Red Lights” – Holy Fuck (Sebastien Grainger remix)

Download Oh Land’s single “Sun of a Gun” plus remixes by Yusek and Savage Skulls

oh land download sun of a gunI like Denmark. Denmark produces fine musicians in my books. And I must say, it’s more fun for us one language people when they sing in English (don’t hit me!).

So, by proxy, and by talent of course, I like Oh Land. Oh Land is a Danish lady who does not give out her name. She now lives in Brooklyn. She creates daydream worthy electro-pop, and is about to release her self-titled EP next week.

mp3 download: “Sun of a Gun” – Oh Land

There are two remixes available of “Sun of a Gun” to download. I think they’re both good, but the Savage Skulls one is more fun.

mp3 download: “Sun of a Gun (Yusek remix)”
mp3 download: “Sun of a Gun (Savage Skulls remix)”

Doesn’t seem like Oh Land will be coming to visit our fair land anytime soon, but let’s hope. Seems like she will blow up into the next fem-tastic dance party, following in some very worthy footsteps. But Oh Land definitely has her own spunk. It’s radio ready for sure, but try walking away from this sweet smack talk, why dontcha.

Download Winter Gloves’ new song “Plastic Slides” and a remix by Teen Daze

Winter Gloves, the Montreal toy pop rockers are about to release their awaited sophomore record, All Red, early next month. Their first single, “Plastic Slides,” was recently released and everyone’s buzzing about it! Today, you can download the original plus the Vancouver remixer upstart Teen Daze‘s version.

mp3: “Plastic Slides” – Winter Gloves ; “Plastic Slides (Teen Daze Remix)”

P.S. Winter Gloves have just scheduled a Canada/US tour, and yet no Toronto date! For shame! (I bet one will come soon, though. Especially because most of the tour is with Born Ruffians, who have played Toronto a few times in the last few months.)