Album Review: The Albertans – New Age

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The Albertans
The Albertans
New Age
By Jessica Lewis

The key behind the Albertans is the pairing of pleasant, sunny tunes to bold, dark lyrics. Though their stories are a bit vague, it’s clear that there are usually some passive-aggressive frustrations, such as in “Megan”: “why won’t you text me back, what does this mean for now?” and “People Don’t Go”: “I’m fine, yeah, hollow and dry.” It gets into that mindset of all smiles on the outside but gloomy thoughts behind the eyes, and let’s face it, that can be easily identifiable. Besides that though, this Vancouver, BC, by way of Brooklyn, NY and back to Vancouver again five-piece are simply quirky and you want to get to know them further. “The Wake” is a gorgeously airy track mentioning suicide, “May” and “Mellow” both aim to slow things down, and “Jackpot” and “Furniture” are bouncy and imaginative, about family. New Age is a brightly tinted view of the buzzing band. (Ernest Jennings)


Sit down, listen to this: The Albertans

The Albertans

Last Tuesday, I gave you a dance party. Today, I give you something to sit down with and really listen. I’m being a bit selfish, as I can’t really dance because I recently broke my pinky toe and doing such an activity is sadly painful. So I’m making you sit with me. Got that? Good! Anyways, I’ve found the perfect song for sitting and daydreaming this week, so it works out.

The Albertans – “The Wake”

This is one of those songs I’ve been waiting for, and oh it fills me with warmth to just type that. It’s got a groovy bass, fluttering + fuzzy guitars, dreamy vocals, a keyboard pattern that suggests it might be up to no good and simple drumming highlighted by a tambourine. I still can’t completely wrap my head around this goodness. It flows splendidly and has so many layers to unwrap, lyrically and musically. It leaves me with intrigue after every time I’ve listened, I feel like I’m searching for some puzzle piece. They sing of suicide and pressure, so when it all comes together, it’s like you can hear the song’s character(s) opening their eyes.

The band was formed in Vancouver out of members from our prairies and the U.S., but they headed to New York. Now I guess they split their time between the two metropolises. The album that holds this gem of a song, New Age, was recorded in Brooklyn, at Chandelier Studios, and now we have a Canadian tie to the borough’s distinct energy haze.

Just listen for yourself, and join me in my excitement in looking forward to their album. They remind me of Breathe Owl Breathe and Dirty Projectors (a little). There’s also some New Pornographers and Mother Mother similarities in there in terms of the team vocals, but I feel more of a connection to the Albertans than I do with those two bands at this point.

Watch music videos set to old films for “The Wake” & “Megan” & “New Age” and then there’s one of them playing “Mila.”

New Age comes out in Canada on April 19.