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RoundLetters is mainly a blog dedicated to music.

Why name it RoundLetters? Well, there are a few reasons. For the circular motion of music; for the flow of lyrics in a song as they repeat over and over whether in chorus or in your head; and for the metaphor that music will always be written, always be sung and always be played.

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This blog is run by Jessica Lewis, a freelance music journalist based in Toronto, Ontario.

She is the editor for Static Zine. Her writing has appeared in Exclaim!, Spinner, AUX, Dork Shelf, The Ryerson Review of Journalism, Cottage Life, explore, Outdoor Canada, Broken Pencil, Homemakers, Canadian Gardening, Canadian Home & Country, Canadian Home Workshop, Style at Home, ChartATTACK, Muted magazine, SPINEarth.tv, The Eyeopener, The Buffalo News and CKLN Radio.

Contacting RoundLetters:

Currently, RoundLetters is not accepting submissions and additions to e-newsletters. You’ll find a way if you’re really desperate, but unfortunately and clearly, this blog doesn’t get much work done to it lately.