CONTEST: Out of the Box Festival

out of the box

Just when we’re starting to go into music festival withdrawal, here comes a great one to give us a nice long weekend.

Next weekend is the Out of the Box Festival (July 29-31) featuring some of my favourite local/Ontario bands such as The Ruby Spirit, Heartbeat Hotel, Foxes in Fiction, Olenka and the Autumn Lovers, Lake Forest and Topanga. Each night has two shows – one at the Great Hall and one at the Underground Cinema. There are also day shows as well as art installations.

July 29th @ Great Hall. Doors at 9 pm
ORIGAMI OF THE GIANTS as presented by Jessica Stuart-
A room celebrating the Art of Origami by presenting Origami in Life Sized Form!!

Olenka and The Autumn Lovers
Parks & Rec
Polynesian Bride
The Rest
MJ Cyr

July 29th @ The Toronto Underground Cinema. Doors at 9 pm.
3 DIMENSIONS OF ROCK AND ROLL PART 1 – a Co-Presentation with Green Shades Productions

How many people have been to a 3D Rock Concert?? Well you will here. Featuring 3D art and imagery projected on the giant cinema screen behind the bands. And yes, you will get glasses.

The Hoa Hoas
Rival Boys
Planet Creature
Davey Parker Radio Sound
The Cheap Speakers

July 30th @ the Toronto Underground Cinema. Doors at 9 pm.
3 DIMENSIONS OF ROCK AND ROLL PART 2 – A continuation of Friday nights theme, with more 3D imagery to awe and inspire.

Heartbeat Hotel
Foxes in Fiction
Human Bodies
Trap Tiger

July 31st @ The Great Hall. Doors at 9 pm.
PLANET EARTH- An Art Installation celebrating our home. Earth.

Entire Cities
Sky Of Sound
The Jessica Stuart Few
The Cautioneers
Lake Forest (Will Whitwam fr. Wilderness of Manitoba)

July 31st @ Toronto Underground Cinema. Doors at 9 pm.
A Co-Presentation with Green Shades productions
SPACE PROM as presented by David Kleiser –
“Congratulations. You have all graduated from the Intergalactic School of Debauchery. Before you head out into the universe, you might want to say one last goodbye to the best years of your life. And do so in your best space attire.”

Ruby Spirit
The Bulletproof Tiger
Blood Rexdale and the Walls Are Blonde



I’ve got three pairs of weekend passes to give away, one for you and one for your friend. And lucky enough there are tons of other blogs running the contest too, so you’ve got plenty of chances. (Chromewaves, Panic Manual, Mechanical Forest Sound, Sticky, etc.)

What you gotta do: Email roundletters @ gmail . com

Subject line: “Get me out of this box”

Enter by: Sunday, July 24th, 11:59 p.m.

You’ll be entered in a random draw, and I will contact the winners. You must be able to meet with me to get the passes or set something up before the 29th.

Good luck!


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