Album Review: Glasvegas – Euphoric Heartbreak

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glasvegas euphoric heartbreak review

Euphoric Heartbreak
By Jessica Lewis

Much about Euphoric Heartbreak is straightforward ― you’re in for a lot of sombre songs, sweeping, melodic vocals and equally stretched out guitars and keyboards. It’s the kind of atmospheric rock that you have to be in a similar, epically bummed out place for, or watching some sad indie flick. Just got a new job, partner or are generally in a good mood? Nah, this isn’t the best time for Euphoric Heartbreak. Guess when is? Sure, “Shine Like Stars” celebrates a happier time and “Stronger than Dirt” is an ego boost, but most of the album focuses on the black and blue or struggles with sexuality. That’s fine ― we all feel these emotions and want to hear them reflected in music ― but this grand, dreamy soundscape simply isn’t a record that could easily be on repeat most days. (Columbia UK)


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