Album Review: Rival Boys – Mutual Feelings of Love

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rival boys mutual feelings of love review

Rival Boys
Mutual Feelings of Love
By Jessica Lewis

The power that’s behind Rival Boys is actually a girl. With a controlled voice that has a knack for leaping and bounding, Lee Rose charges through the album, leading brother Graeme and Sam Sholdice. It only falters when she tries to slow down, but expectations to keep up that pace are always weighty. Strength lays in the seedy electric darkness of “Mutual Feelings,” the chorus of “Mean Home,” wailing, melodic opener “Movement” and the rioting of “Fine Lines.” The Toronto, ON trio have hit upon a sound that works for them and can grow into something big, but this album will be the stepping stone. While those abovementioned songs are great, in the bigger picture the album has moments that feel quite long and drawn out, and the same sort of style for most of the tune can feel repetitive. But Rival Boys are fierce and on the right path. (Independent)

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