Album Review: Racoon Bandit – Into the Hills

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racoon bandit into the hills album review

Racoon Bandit
Into the Hills
By Jessica Lewis

Charlottetown’s Racoon Bandit give us 12 songs that blend subtle psychedelic tones, folk, country and rock into one pleasant experience. Between three different vocalists and lyricists, there’s enough variety to go around. Into the Hills rolls a lot around tempo, every song having a pace it gets into and rides through. Though “Steel Rail” is dreamy, waiting for the kick-start will leave you hanging until “Silver Bullet” hits hard and fast, at least at a running pace, establishing itself as one of the album’s finest, along with “Get Off” and “River Song.” Tracks such as “Hard Drive” and “Katie Cruel” go more spaghetti western, while “Catch/Release” and “Fix It” get sinister, and finale “Loose Lips” leaves things with an electronic twinge. This is a good album from the five-piece, but sometimes subtleness gets the better of them. If certain parts were kicked up one more notch, it would be that much more memorable. (Collagen Rock)

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