Album Review: Papermaps – Papermaps

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papermaps album review


By Jessica Lewis

Originally known as Dean Marino’s project EX~PO, in the last couple years, he’s expanded it into a four-piece band, toured and made it a collaborative project, announcing the name change last October. These ten songs, written by Marino, arranged by the band (including Wendy Leung, Todd Harrison and Bobby Lee) and recorded in Marino’s Chemical Sound studio, are carefully crafted pop rock songs that call to mind comparisons to the Sam Roberts or Meligrove Bands. The album’s hit single, “Reunion,” and “Can’t Make a Living” both feature energetic group vocals, catchy choruses and poppy piano lines. While “Complicate Things” tries to be sexy, hearing the line, “let’s consummate this, I feel like shit” doesn’t really do it, so next track “Exit” does a better job, with more edge. Papermaps plays it a bit on the safe side, but there are darker lights trying to get through, and they should. (Sparks)


One thought on “Album Review: Papermaps – Papermaps

  1. I’ve never heard of this band, but they sound vaguely interesting.
    I really like your concise reviewing style!

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