Album Review: Little Scream – The Golden Record

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little scream golden record review

Little Scream
The Golden Record
This record received the mark of excellence.
By Jessica Lewis

Everything about Little Scream and The Golden Record bleeds grandeur. There’s so much weight set into every word, push and pedal that it’ll take a gestating amount of time to settle in. Laurel Sprengelmeyer (an honorary Canadian in her Montreal base) assumes the position of puppeteer and storyteller through her lyrics, the soft yet commanding, siren-like aura of her voice and adventurer via her curious arrangements. While this is clearly the project she’s been waiting to create her whole life, it also goes to credit Arcade Fire and Bell Orchestre’s Richard Reed Parry, as well as Mike Fuerstack, Beck Foon, Patty McGee, Sarah Neufeld and Aaron Dessner. The Golden Record is intense and intimidating due to its beauty, evidenced in the curves and edges of “Cannons,” the dreamy “Black Cloud,” electric tale “Guyegaros” and the merging textures of “The Boatman.” Don’t miss a beat ― even the last few seconds of some songs include differing details. (Outside)


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