Album Review: Code Pie – Love Meets Rage

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code pie love meets rage review

Code Pie
Love Meets Rage
By Jessica Lewis

Perfect for springtime pleasantry, this six-piece have given us ten new songs to indulge in. It’s quite alright that we now have the longer days and more patio time to help create the setting for such a soundtrack. “North Side City View” has a happy piano line that sounds like it’s out of some jaunty colonial party. “Operator” and “Love Meets Rage” provide a contrasting mid-section to the album, where the first is slow but quite catchy and the second is hypnotizing, with distorted vocals and jazzy guitar. “Heart Spit” might as well have people dreamily dancing in a park, while “Muddy Shoes” sees singer Enzo Palermo getting into higher octaves, letting lose to a trumpet, and “Low Devotion” ends with a pretty pairing of guitars and cello. Palermo’s vocals are usually hard to understand throughout the album though, sounding far away, reducing the memorable aspect. (Indiecater)

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