Watch Bravestation’s new music video for “White Wolves”

bravestation white wolves

Here’s another Toronto band that I am very proud of. I’ve watched these guys blossom in the last year, from sitting down with them to do a RoundLetters exclusive Q&A, reviewing their 2010 EP for Exclaim, seeing them play numerous times and getting to know them and their style. I see them going up from here. They’re currently locked away most of the time working on their upcoming album and preparing for their UK tour in a few weeks. Like I’ve said before, they don’t know it yet, but I’ll be in a suitcase! Shh.

As far as I remember, the video for “White Wolves” off the EP was filmed in the fall, but we’re finally getting to see it now. It’s a really pretty piece, following a woman who looks like she’s been through a few tumbles as she runs through the woods to and from something. It gives a new urgency to the song, letting the shakiness take on a new thrilling meaning.

Watch the video below:

Download the entire 2010 EP here.


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