Album Review: The Sounds – Something to Die For

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The Sounds
Something to Die For
By Jessica Lewis

Sweden’s the Sounds have had a few hits under their studded belts, most memorably 2006’s “Living in America.” They’re back with their fourth album, but it’s full of over-produced songs that sound the same, all aiming to be the next pop rock anthem. The styles on this record feel like they were made for their earlier phase though. For instance, “Dance with the Devil” employs a robotic chorus line, while “The No No Song” oozes pop punk that would have worked during their days on Warped Tour stages. The synths are too much at most times, becoming overwhelming. The lyrics are crafted around death and turmoil, but can be awkward, such as in “Better off Dead,” when Maja Ivarsson sings, “I’m lying naked on my bed; I’m better off dead.” There are a few tolerable hits, but you’ll have to wade through the electric headache to get to them. (Side One Dummy)

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