Album Review: Peter Elkas – Repeat Offender

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peter elkas repeat offender

Peter Elkas
Repeat Offender
By Jessica Lewis

Released in the dead of winter, following Valentine’s day emotional crash, the former member of Local Rabbits and Joel Plaskett Emergency returned solo (but with backing band) for a solid third album on complicated relationships. It’s scorn or be scorned, yet Elkas creates a warm atmosphere full of soul and early rock influences. Recorded between his basement and Giant Studio, Repeat Offender delivers lively songs featuring relaxed guitar, piano fit for a bar and Elkas’s silky timber. Most of the numbers are memorable, such as the album’s middle ground of “Tiny Valentine” and “Misery.” It’s fit for cleaning your home, slow bike rides or some other activity that lets you reflect during a long day. The most noticeable flaw is Elkas’s plain lyrics. They’re not a crime, but they can feel basic, at times, with distracting lines like, “misery loves company” or “on a bicycle built for two.” (New Scotland)


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