Watch Junip’s new video for “In Every Direction”


Credit: Fredrik Egerstrand

2010 is basically not over for me. My favourites keep coming back, and I haven’t been epically wowed by anything in these two months yet. (And in 2010, by this time, I already had been by 2 or 3 albums.) Junip (fronted by Jose Gonzalez) is one of the big ones for me, and their song “In Every Direction” is the biggest of their big. Today, they released a video for the song, created by drummer Elias Araya. It’s Araya’s time to shine. The snippet found on the video explains he “found inspiration for the video in his father’s art; painter and sculpture artist, Kent Karlsson. Elias presents images in a simple, almost icon way using different backgrounds and refracted through a diamond. A few of his father’s collection of porcelain dogs also made the video.”

Junip will be back in Toronto at Lee’s Palace April 20th.

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