Are musicians so hungry they’ll film music videos in grocery stores?

Grocery store music videos

That’s the question I asked myself over breakfast this morning. After seeing a third music video in a week that had scenes in a grocery store, I couldn’t help but notice this trend! Are musicians so hungry they’ll try to film there so they can get a deal? Or subliminally coax a worker there to appear in the video with a side of bacon? What is it about the grocery store that is so fascinating? Most of us barely even notice when we’re there unless we’re hungry.

Take a look:

Here’s Dan Mangan’s “Sold.” I think this one makes the most sense out of the ones I’ve seen, and it’s cute, so that earns points in my book. Plus, I think just about any of his devoted fans would go buy him an apple. (New tour theme, perhaps? For his long lines of hand shakers and huggers?)

Now here’s Cloud Nothings’ “Understand at All.” It’s a corner store, but we’ll make it count. Now this video doesn’t really have any sense in it (besides the “and I don’t understand at all” chorus…) and I’d be glad to never watch it again, but I do like the song.

Here’s a rapper named Sonreal who gives us “Already There (ft. Rich Kidd)”. I would never have seen this if I wasn’t flipping channels while still eating breakfast this morning and landed on Much Music (oh wait, I probably will end up seeing it 100 more times, zing!). Sonreal spends about half of the video in the grocery store, and half of that time just standing there rapping and half of it as an employee who could care less about his job. So points for the menial job meaning he’s got going on. Also, big what-up to the Buffalo Sabres hat cameo in the beginning!

Now these three clearly aren’t the only grocery contenders. After a quick Google search, I found Asher Roth’s “Muddy Swim Trunks,” which starts off with him falling off a bread-stocked shelf in sleep/boredom. Perhaps musicians are using grocery store settings to show how bored/tired/un-enthused they are? And then to spice things up, in all of these videos, something strange happens. I think we’ve hit on something, folks!

Then there’s Radiohead’s crazy take on consumerism in “Fake Plastic Trees”:

And lastly, Jane’s Addiction’s odd-ball “Been Caught Stealing”:

Or maybe grocery stores are just easy to lend out spaces from? A lot of them close at night. So much corporate names though, doubt these musicians check with them, too.

Alright, that’s it for me. What say you on this funny music video setting?  Add more in the comments if you know any!


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