Album Review: Chikita Violenta – Tre3s

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chikita violenta

Chikita Violenta
By Jessica Lewis

Let’s just get it out of the way: Chikita Violenta are the Mexican Broken Social Scene. It’s annoying to say, and sometimes more so to listen to, but there it is. They’re signed to Arts & Crafts Mexico and they share the same producer, Dave Newfield. There are countless times when the music just keeps going and BSS’s Lisa Lobsinger even lends tons of “badabas.” That’s not to say the music these four guys from Mexico City make (in English, by the way) is bad, but you may find yourself pondering why you’re not just listening to BSS. They do sound younger and their voices are higher. It isn’t until nine songs in that they start to get more adventurous, with electronics. Plus, they slow things down, so everyone can just relax and enjoy. (Arts & Crafts)

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