Download new songs from Kurt Vile and Poncho

Today has become so fruitful for music already! Here are two new tracks up for download around the internets and they’re quite enjoyable, especially for two different parts of your upcoming weekend.

kurt vile jesus feverFor the relaxation, dances in the sunlight beaming through the windows, the dinner with friends:

mp3 download: Kurt Vile – “Jesus Fever”

When the song started, I thought “well here we go again, Kurt,” as let’s face it, a lot of his music sounds the same (no matter how lovely it sounds). But this time, he lets go a little bit and it’s for the so much better.



poncho discoFor the pre-partying, the partying and then the after partying:

mp3 download: Poncho – “D.I.S.C.O. ft. Shannon Funchess of !!!”

Your hair will stand on end, quite the adrenaline rush, and it just doesn’t end. Electro party, Shannon’s pipes, and… cowbell?


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