2010 Win: Ladies Who Rocked

ladies who rocked 2010

The following was originally published on AUX.tv.

This year isn’t different from any other in the sense that it boasted ladies who rock. But 2010 had quite a few interesting front-runners in a year where vulnerability and loneliness came through heavily in music, and through those feelings came incredible strength.

Swedish ‘fembot’ Robyn showed us that we make mistakes and have unfortunate relationships but we can dance alone, take control, and love indestructibly; Florence + the Machine released Lungs in 2009, but Florence Welch’s strength really came through this year as single “Dog Days are Over” empowered people all over the place, including babies; and Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino kept things relaxed through her summery hits about boys. Songs such as “Boyfriend” and “Crazy For You” likely made many love and lonely playlists.

While the above women created lasting emotional impressions this year, some made some much more tangible memories than others. Janelle Monae’s hair do, bow-tie, and tuxedo style has gone on to make her a fashion icon, and her dancing isn’t hard to forget either; Alice Glass of Crystal Castles sparked a crowd-surfed controversy when she allegedly punched a fan who groped her at the Latitude Festival; and Hannah Georgas, who’s known for sweet melodies and pop hooks caught everyone’s eyes when her video for “Thick Skin” was released, featuring the Vancouver-based singer trudging through mud on her knees, naked.

There were also a lot of famous female pop stars this year – Katy Perry and Taylor Swift especially – but the women who embraced their uniqueness and found solid places in such a fast-paced and dirty industry shone much brighter. Lady Gaga had her meat dress and shocking videos to add to her ever-increasing repertoire of well-crafted pop songs, and Nicki Minaj stunned everyone with her verse on Kanye West’s “Monster.”

Powerful, independent ladies, this was your year.


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