Steven McKay of Bruce Peninsula goes solo

steven mckay solo

It always seems like quite the effort for a musician to break from a band mold and go solo. From finding their own sound, to testing the waters, to making sure everyone else is okay with it, to seeing if they actually can do it. Steven McKay, drummer for Bruce Peninsula, has tickled his solo fancy on and off since 2006, but recently gave it more of a kick with his self-titled debut full-length album.

It had been about getting back to his interest in guitar, but he also wanted to find his own spotlight.

“I have two personalities really,” he said in an interview with AUX. “The drummer and then the singing, songwriter guy.”

McKay admits that part of this record was a call for attention. As the backbone of Bruce Peninsula, during concerts, he’d literally be in the back. People would even come up to him after, saying ‘so that band was good, eh?’


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