Download new songs from Physical Forms and Gentleman Jesse

physical forms on the brink

mp3 download: Physical Forms – “On the Brink”

“On the Brink” is the B-side to a new 7”, Hoofdriver, with Californian weird rockers Deerhoof. Physical Forms is Regan Farquar, who also goes by the MC name Busdriver. Busdriver sings over a Deerhoof track on Side A. This song, an out of control pop explosion, has all kinds of tempos, blips and bleeps, taking the generally happy kind of music these bands are going for in a new, sing-songy direction.

gentleman jesse men wrong man download

mp3 download: Gentleman Jesse & His Men – “You’ve Got the Wrong Man”

In three minutes, a few different genres will hit you in the face. At first, you might be all ‘how does this work?’ but then you’ll likely think, ‘hm, this is really fun.’ “You’ve Got the Wrong Man,” from Atlanta, Georgia-based Gentleman Jesse & His Men, will first sound like surf rock, next you’ll hear pop tinges and then punk escapades.

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