Free Music Friday with Teen Daze, Cadence Weapon and The Foreign Films

Have a hankerin for some free music, folks? Sorry I missed last week and possibly the week before. Mind’s kind of lost these days, with a brutal sickness that’s lasted far too long & a week-long trip to New York. So, let me just say, this week’s edition of Free Music Friday includes a) a musician I’ve already featured because he’s such a machine, b) music that could and should be paid for but does have the option of being free and c) good tunes.

teen daze beach dreams

So, Teen Daze, the machine, has now released a new EP, titled Beach Dreams. It has a pay-what-you-can deal going on at his Bandcamp, but you *could* choose $0. Four tracks of dreamy guitar-driven sunny spots, you’ll feel warm in no time.

Cadence Weapon has just released his Tron Legacy: The Mixtape, which actually has nothing to do with the movie. In fact, it’s his stance on rappers and their crazy mixtape trends. It’s a great listen, and an awesome comeback from the poet laureate/rapper/soon to debut rocker. This is also PWYC.

the foreign films fire from spark ep

The Foreign Films, aka Bill Majoros from Flux AD, is working on releasing a full album for the new year. But in the meantime, there’s a four song Fire From Spark EP to try out for free on his Bandcamp. The EP has a grand, almost anthemic feeling, with plenty of melodies in between.


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