Free music party Friday continues with AUSTRA, Teen Daze and Under Byen with Kasper Bjorke

I don’t know about you, but I’m in a party mood. I’ve got a good day going and much to look forward to tonight with a Scott Pilgrim screening with director, writer and cast member and then the Junip concert! But right now, I just want to dance around my room, and that is exactly what I will do. I hope you do too.

austra beat and the pulseFirst up, we have AUSTRA‘s new single, “Beat and Pulse.” It gets right into your bones, sinking in. It knows the dirty that you want to commit, and it’s encouraging so. Leave this to your late night witching hour.

mp3 download: AUSTRA – “Beat and the Pulse”



teen daze four more years interviewNext we have music wiz Teen Daze, aka the man who decides to make a song in the morning, does it during the day, and sends it to you by nightfall. This little diddy is called “Watch Over Me.” Add it to your collection of dreamy naps!

mp3 download: Teen Daze – “Watch Over Me.”



under byen alt er tabtAnd finally we have the pop sensation Under Byen, as remixed by a Danish fave of mine, Kasper Bjorke. From the cowbell to handclaps to the synths and the bass, this remix is party central.

mp3 download: Under Byen – “Alt Er Tabt (Kasper Bjorke remix)”

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