Album Review: David Vertesi – Cardiography

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david vertesi cardiography review

David Vertesi
By Jessica Lewis

While we’re getting to know Vertesi on his own, away from Hey Ocean!, we’re also becoming acquainted with his love life and way of lovin’. “Cardiography” is a way to record the heart; he puts his on display not on his sleeve, but on his album’s. Vertesi’s move is gutsy and successful; his charming baritone also helps. The two parts to enjoy about this album are his honest storytelling (explaining to his father an “All Night, All Night, All Night” or a realization in “Learn to Run”) and the solid studio work. Vertesi was joined by Hannah Georgas, Shad, Jose Miguel Contreras, Topless Gay Love Tekno Party, Aidan Knight and others. And while the record could have succumbed to a fun, collaborative party feel, Vertesi kept his friends close, staying true to what he wanted to convey. Vertesi’s played his cards right. (File Under)


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