All Aboard Generation Ship

generation shipRight about now, I’d love to climb up the theoretical metallic stairs to a Generation Ship, ready to take me away. But sit down kids, there’s a little story first!

David Como, a local musician by the name of Sing Leaf, was once asked to do a favour for a friend. This friend wanted something his little neice could look back on when she became a big girl. The song Como made, “Generation Ship,” became not only just this project of remembering a childhood time, but a testament to a music movement of his generation as well as a bigger project that he could include many other musicians in.

The album project grew to include musicians such as Rich Aucoin.

Generation Ship will be released on October 31 via their bandcamp for $5. (It will also be on iTunes and other web stores.) You can stream it in its entirety for free. But I must say, proceeds will go to Eat to Feed Liberians, an organization for feeding programs in a refugee camp in Ghana.

So you get to help out a wonderful charity as well as gain a lovely album that can take you back to a simpler time, all for $5? Sounds like a deal to me.


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