Concert Review: !!! Dance Up a Sunday Storm in Toronto

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chk chk chk concert review toronto

Singer Nic Offer dances with my friend Taylor. Photo by Jessica Lewis.

Funk-rock band !!! (pronounced ‘chk chk chk’) took to Lee’s Palace [Sunday] , where they packed the venue and made every audience member sweat more than they will all week at work. Sunday nights are tricky for concerts, especially ones that you know will make you tired for days, but it was all worth it.

!!!’s shows are pretty memorable, with lead singer Nic Offer dancing around on the stage and in the audience without stopping, while his trusty band creates a hearty backbone behind him. Offer gets in people’s faces as he sings, screams, dances and propels sweat everywhere. In short, the band puts on a show that should never be missed.


Here’s a video I took of the last song (before encore), of course, “Heart of Hearts.” Shaky, but worth watching at the beginning to see Offer play to my camera.


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