Album Review: Modern Superstitions – All the Things We’ve Been Told

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modern superstitions review

Modern Superstitions
All the Things We’ve Been Told
By Jessica Lewis

Oh, the irony. Toronto, ON’s new hip young rockers, with an affinity for the word “modern” (they even changed their moniker to include it), actually have quite the vintage touch. Most of that feel is due to frontwoman Nyssa Rosaleen’s velvety voice, as she pushes it to the limits of rock, paired with up-and-down guitars fit for jukeboxes. This six-song-long EP, dripping with keen attitude and melodies, was produced by Sloan’s Patrick Pentland. The four-piece of Rosaleen, Matthew Aldred, Harry Burgess and Ben Reinhartz are transforming the idea of wanting something badly enough into music that can knock you over with one strong chord. Their punch is undeniable, from the fuzzy jams on the psychedelic “Love that Beats My Heart” and “Mercy Line” to the catchy, finger-snapping beat of “Visions of You.” Their growth is steady and we’ll all be shaking in our boots as they blaze past. (Pink Noise)


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