Concert Review: Baby Eagle at the Dakota Tavern in Toronto

Baby Eagle concert review

Last night Steve Lambke (of the Constantines) took the stage at the Dakota Tavern in Toronto for his album release party. Dog Weather in its glory. It was an early show, which was a little strange, but my sick self thanks Lambke for that. It wasn’t too packed, but his adoring fans gazed along. Lambke went through the songs pretty quickly — I was in and out of there in an hour. However, he didn’t fail to bring a good amount of charm.

One thing I really noticed at the show was that Lambke doesn’t exactly sing. He doesn’t necessarily speak the words either, there’s an in-between. And the music isn’t too complex or sprawling. What he does is create this warm, friendly country atmosphere. His guitar guides through, and he’s the wise man who will tell you which fork in the road to take.

Speaking of roads, the band (specifically jokester Shotgun Jimmie) made a joke about how they’re going on tour now, on the long, open road. “The 401…” they deadpanned.

The charisma between the three guys was great, and the jokes kept rolling throughout. When they closed with “Day of our Departing,” Jimmie declared it was now “Day of the De-Partying” and Lambke confessed that the night before they really fucked it up and he thought they were the Beastie Boys. They pulled it off well, and the crowd seemed very satisfied with the set as a whole.


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