Album Review: Meligrove Band – Shimmering Lights

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meligrove band shimmering lights

Photo by Matt Dunlap

Meligrove Band
Shimmering Lights
By Jessica Lewis

It’s easy to think the Meligrove Band are this fresh, young group of faces and pretty melodies, a new band awaiting the taking. But their history is longer and more tumultuous than you’d think, and Shimmering Lights is their fourth full-length in ten years, first signed to Nevado and Last Gang Records. This album is glossy and greasy at its best, finding light heartedness in unexpected places; in “Bones Attack!!” they cheerily quip, “If I love you to death, will your bones attack me?” The foursome fit the cute, nerdy Canadian guy phenomenon going on with Tokyo Police Club and Born Ruffians (the list goes on), but they glow on their own with as much mature pep as there can be. The music takes precedence, but it’s hard to hear Nunes’s vocals clearly. The album, and band, will even be profiled in an upcoming documentary. (Nevado)


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