Concert Review: Land of Talk at Lee’s Palace in Toronto

suuns concert review

Lee’s Palace was buzzing and incredibly sweaty for Land of Talk last night. Rightfully so, as the band deserves this reaction by now. I never appreciate feeling overheated at a concert, but hey, I was standing in the pit, what did I expect?

Anyways, I got there early to see openers Suuns as per a recommendation from Bryan of Herohill. I’m so glad we had that chat, because I was really impressed with this Montreal band. I had no clue what the singer was singing at any point (minus a song where he continually said “212 212 212”), but I didn’t mind as just watching them create this spectacle of noise was intriguing. The four guys fit together so well, but they all have their own significant personas. Max Henry (also in Young Galaxy) mans the synths, sometimes bass and tambourine and he is like the mad scientist (he also should get the props for doing the most), and the drummer was so bouncy and full of life. The guitarist and bassist had this mysterious art-school kid thing going on, and they were just so into it, barely looking at anyone. Usually I don’t like the way that sounds, but for them it worked really well. I hope to check out a copy of their album soon. You should just check them out in general.

land of talk concert review

Suuns ended up being Liz Powell‘s backing band, and man they must have been exhausted after that show! Everyone was working so hard. (Not like that’s a big surprise for a concert.) So Suuns plus Powell and her two other musicians came out with a bang, pushing out a lot of tracks from the latest album Cloak and Cipher. It’s a fantastic album, and I think I like it better that way rather than a show. I really liked this show, but it wasn’t very memorable to me and Powell seemed pretty distant. The crowd ate it up though, which gave the set more energy. There were times where everyone broke out of the mold and just went for it, but other times I found my eyes wandering. Still, I swayed through the entire set, as you can’t deny the dreamy rock she’s made. The audience loved her so much that they got her back for two encores, and even she seemed totally shocked. I’m still kind of on the fence, but nonetheless there was rocking out and that’s simply all that matters sometimes.


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