Concert Review: Jamie Lidell at Lee’s Palace in Toronto

jamie lidell concert review toronto

Jamie Lidell understands you. And he wanted you to know that at his show in Toronto on Tuesday.

After blazing through a large number of oldies but goodies that I wasn’t entirely familiar with, Lidell relaxed into a routine of explaining songs, usually ones off his latest album, Compass, before he played them. I can’t really remember any exact quotes right now, but I was much more drawn into his set and his music after what he said.

Isn’t it funny how when you’re going through a lot in your life at a certain moment, so much more music seems to relate? When I’m generally pleased with most things in my life, most music doesn’t relate to me at all. But this time, Jamie got to me. He knows that people make trouble for themselves because that’s just what they do. He knows that you can be selfish. And if I remember correctly, he also remembers that sometimes people act like animals.

The entertainer part of Lidell really came out on Tuesday. He’s a complete nut. He apparently bought a nice new blazer but he ripped it into shreds, but left the tags on. He had this whole hobo-chic look going on, but his band were a different story. They looked like they had been ripped straight out of a movie about a rock band in the ’70s or something, with handlebar moustaches, slicked back hair, tight clothing and tattoos. It was an interesting sight watching all of these guys rock out together. And what they brought was a great amount of soul, something only so special when you can see it live.

Lidell’s show wasn’t what I thought it would be (I was expecting lots more colours everywhere, more pizazz), but he still really impressed me nonetheless. There was a moment where the band left and it was just him looping his beat-boxing sounds onto his computer. It was a really long moment but it was incredibly cool.


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