Album Review: Rich Aucoin – Public Publication EP

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Rich Aucoin
Public Publication
By Jessica Lewis

At this point, the Halifax, NS-based Aucoin is so popular that he put out a four-song teaser EP of his upcoming album, which isn’t expected until early 2011. This popularity stems mostly from his crazy live shows, with confetti, balloons and what have you. He’s Canada’s party man and this EP ensures it stays that way. From children’s chanting on “Brian Wilson is A.L.I.V.E.” to Aucoin’s whispers, yells and fake handclaps on “Undead,” the wind-up dances that were on Personal Publication are long gone and he’s pumping you up as quickly as he can. With as much energy as a late night sugar high, Aucoin and all of the people he gathered for this EP are the high school band troop you’ve always wanted to hear. The LP is a collection of people and places from all over Canada, and it’s synched to a cut-up movie, so there’s still much to look forward to. (Sonic)


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