Album Review: Megafaun – Heretofore

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By Jessica Lewis

Here’s hoping that the leaves start falling mid-September because Heretofore would be a lovely album to listen to while watching them glide down. The warmth on this six-song EP is like that of a big, loving family. While “Carolina Days” is evocative of a walk in a park, the following “Eagles” and “Volunteers” embody banjos and guitars on porches with rocking chairs. “Comprovisation for Connor Pass” is almost 13 minutes long, taken from the first 15 minutes of a four-hour-long jam session. Throughout the EP, light-hearted folk and blues intertwine with more subtle pop influences, but the enjoyment that the trio from North Carolina demonstrate is the definite highlight. Sing-alongs, harmonicas, horns, strings, sleepy percussion and more are all wrapped up into something big. The EP comes after two full-lengths, but nevertheless, is welcomed lovingly. (Hometapes)


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