Album Review: Junip – Fields

The following was originally published on It received the mark of excellence.


By Jessica Lewis

It’s been over a decade since they formed, but this Swedish trio are only just releasing an album. Fronted by a smooth singer known for his solo work (José González), the eclectic atmosphere of Fields may have taken forever to get here, but now’s the perfect time to stroll through it. González, Elias Araya and Tobias Winterkorn show how in tune they are with their instruments. From González’s signature soft guitar picking to Araya’s steady bass drum or bongos to Winterkorn’s simple organ lines, Fields is a test in persistence and delicate craft. González puts himself more in the spotlight than he does with his solo work, and with all the “oomph,” they’ve raised themselves up on one impressive platform. It’s so big, yet there are so many little, precious moments to be found in the almost lo-fi acoustics and heartfelt storytelling on every song. (Mute)


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