Album Review: Dryer – Out Like a Light

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Out Like a Light
By Jessica Lewis

Dryer are just one of those bands that have somehow flown under everyone’s collective radar. Not placing blame on either side, but now’s the time for them to be heard. The pairing of Peggy Messing and David Maurakis holds patience and power; together they’ve crafted songs fit for ballerinas and mixtapes or headbangers and general rocking out. The ten songs will hit you in a few places, from the sleepy sadness of “All Fall” and the loneliness of “Listen” to sudden anthems “Sick of It” and “Takeover” to the swaying of “Boat Song.” Messing’s vocals are gorgeous and silky, fluttering with her keyboards, blanketed in Maurakis’s guitar and percussion arrangements. This former Montreal duo with a tame band name are going up; if only falling stars could be reversed, this would fit. Put them up there with Young Galaxy and You Say Party. (Independent)


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