Take a Look: Volcano Playground

volcano playground waiting EP

If you like what you’re about to hear and you live in Toronto, well you just got lucky. The four-piece that is Volcano Playground has four shows coming up before the end of October, and one of them happens to be tonight as part of the Drake Hotel’s Elvis Mondays. Alongside them will be another hometown favourite, Freedom or Death, so this might be a good one to see!

Volcano Playground who have an awesome (yet dangerous) name, hail from Whitby and Oshawa, but their sound is totally Toronto. On their EP, Waiting, they establish themselves as another band that will hopefully start to get a good metropolis following soon, and then beyond.

Waiting is four songs. It starts out with ’80s new wave fit for busy streets and graffiti-littered alleys. It moves into something more indie rock, majoring in dreamy. Both parts are fun, but the indie rock is dominant and more commanding. It’s boy-girl vocals and front-running instruments always go between guitars or synths. In just the four songs, there’s a lot of up and down, plenty of time for exciting and vivid daydreams.

The band has a really interesting recorded dynamic, flowing and twinkling, but it will be interesting to see how this translates to a live show.

You can download and stream Waiting on the band’s Facebook page.

And come see them at the Drake tonight! But if you miss ’em, they’ll be with Foxes in Fiction at the Tiger Bar on October 7 and with First Rate People, Bravestation and Dora Alexander at the Piston October 22 (that show will sell out quickly as three of the four bands recently did a similar show and packed the place!).


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