Watch new videos for Cee-Lo Green, Land of Talk, Two Hours Traffic and The Acorn

new music videos land of talk cee-lo green acorn two hours traffic

Tuesday = new music day, Wednesday = new video day? Sure, why not!

Videos have surfaced today for four great artists and their great songs, which means that this day is pretty good so far. So why don’t you join me and have a little viewing party?

First up, there’s Land of Talk, who has debuted the video for “Quarry Hymns” over on AUX.

Then there’s the man of the last week, Cee-Lo Green, who has the non-textual video for late summer hit “Fuck You.” But you have to “like” his Facebook page to watch it. It’s worth it to see a little boy swear in a 50s themed diner. Yup.

Charlottetown pop rockers Two Hours Traffic continue to draw out the  success from their last album, Territory, with the vid for “Happiness Burns.”

And finally, Toronto/Ottawa folkies The Acorn present pretty visuals for “Restoration” over on Spinner.


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