Album Review: Jenny & Johnny – I’m Having Fun Now

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jenny and johnny i'm having fun now album review

Jenny and Johnny
I’m Having Fun Now
By Jessica Lewis

As the title implies, this is what the couple of Jenny Lewis and Jonathan Rice have been waiting to do for a while now. Unfortunately, their other efforts ― Rilo Kiley and solo work for both ― have longer lasting power, showcasing their talents much better than this acoustic guitar-oriented album. Together, it’s a back-and-forth of who has the strength in a song. And when there’s no push-pull, the vocals are sleepy, making this too much work for the listener. Yet there’s hook after hook, and the songs are pretty catchy and ready for long drive sing-alongs, like on “Big Wave,” “Committed” and “My Pet Snakes,” but because they all sound the same, it can be overwhelming. If you push aside these annoyances, a pleasant airiness remains. (Warner)


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