Album Review: !!! – Strange Weather, Isn’t It?

The following was originally published on The record also received a mark of excellence!

!!! strange weather isn't it


Strange Weather, Isn’t It?
By Jessica Lewis

If you’re looking for the angry, foul-mouthed funksters from California and NYC, well, they’ve grown up. The anger has passed, but sadness has crept in (and there’s not a swear word to be found). But this doesn’t hurt the band that pronounce their name “chk chk chk” at all. Their past work was great, and this album is as well, but times change and emotions shift. The sadness is gut wrenching, at times (“Jump Back” references late drummer Jerry Fuchs, who died in an elevator shaft accident in 2008), and hits a familiar lonely place at others, but this is the kind of pain you can sweat to. The beats and grooves are just as attractive as they’ve always been, but they’ve been trimmed and toned by losing members and gaining new ones. Recorded between Berlin, California and NYC, there’s club, disco, funk, rock and more. !!! will move you and shake you. (Warp)


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