Dragonette, Spirits, Peter Katz, The Balconies, Recovery Child, Michou and more contribute to SPILL Compilation

A few weeks ago, Ryan McCambridge of Recovery Child emailed me telling me about this special compilation. I’m excited to finally share this with you! Partnered with Audio Blood Media, they put together this mix to go towards Oceana, an organization based on ocean conservation. The compilation is available for free download, but the company encourages donations towards helping the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. You can also sign a petition.

Here’s the tracklist:

Into Gentle Arms — Spirits
Easy (Buffetlibre Remix) — Dragonette
Superflawless — The Salingers
Dreamless Nights — Clothes Make the Man
I Will Defend — Recovery Child
Serious Bedtime — The Balconies
Pick Your Battles — The Junction
To See You — Peter Katz
Strawberry Quick — Sandman Viper Command
When the Years Collide — StereoGoesStellar
The Coast — Michou
Drifter — Lindi Ortega
Ice Hotels — Dinosaur Bones

Download the Spill Compilation and sign the petition.


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