Have you been to No Fun City?

Photo courtesy of No Fun City's Facebook Group

This morning, I saw a trailer for No Fun City, a documentary about the underground punk scene in Vancouver. Looks like it’s been out for a few months now, and has had screenings across Canada/States at festivals, but honestly I hadn’t heard anything about it until now.

The film, made by Melissa James and Kate Kroll explores the music scene in “Vancouver and its ongoing struggle in a city that seems hell-bent on shutting down all the fun. Witnessing the ups and downs of life behind the scenes, we watch as venues are closed, parties are raided, and musicians resort to playing in illegal venues, warehouses, and even parking lots.”

Have you ever been to No Fun City? What do you think of it there? Have you seen the film? And how do you see this scene affecting Vancouver or vice versa?

Watch the trailer for No Fun City. Not sure if it’s coming to Toronto, but apparently it’s coming out on DVD at some point…


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