Watch live concert footage in Toronto of tUnE-yArDs, Bent by Elephants, Charlotte Cornfield and Bravestation

Occasionally when I’m out at shows in Toronto I get some semi-good fan videos of stellar band performances or quirky moments.Today I bring you a heap of videos.

tUnE-yArDs visited mid-June, but I’ve been a bit lazy, which is unfortunate because this video holds a fantastic jam moment of the show between Merrill Garbus & her back-up drummers. Her charisma radiates off her, bounces off of them and into the crowd and it makes me smile every time I think that I was at this show.

I’ve pretty much said all that I can say about Bent by Elephants and Charlotte Cornfield in the past. They played here over a week ago and I’m still looking back fondly. The two moments I have for you from Bent by Elephants include my favourite song of theirs (“Victor”) and one from the new album that has a wicked guitar line and some of Chesley’s best vocals (“The Trenches”). As for the moments of Charlotte, one song was a cute jumpy ol time (“The Fawn”) and one of the more stand-out tracks (I’m not sure of the name), and the other is one of my favourites from her Collage Light EP (“North of Superior”).

And lastly, we have Bravestation. This video was from their 2010 EP Release just days after the BBE/CC show, and was one of the last songs they played (and again, my favourite from the EP.. “Colour Us With Youth”). If the live version doesn’t make you a listener, then that’s too bad.


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