Download of the Week: “Ghost Pressure” by Wolf Parade

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At last, we have a fitting anthem to the humid nights of this summer that perfectly hits on grittiness and glow. This week, we have for you to download “Ghost Pressure” off Montreal band Wolf Parade’s newest album, Expo 86, for free.

It’s mostly loud with a few different pulsing keyboard lines and an explosive chorus, but there are some quiet moments of sweaty recuperation as well. As one of the stand-out moments on the album, it showcases how the band figured out how to bring their rock oomph out of hiding. It sounds a lot closer to Handsome Furs, front man Dan Boekner’s side project with wife Alexei Perry, but it has a harder edge to it. There are even some moments that recall My Morning Jacket’s sinister keyboard note patterns. Ultimately, though, “Ghost Pressure” is just only one fine piece of the album.

Wolf Parade are also our X3 Artist of the Month; split between us, Exclaim! and CBC Radio 3, we’ve got everything you could want about them in the form of a feature, radio playlist, videos and more so head on over to our X3 page to check it out.

mp3: “Ghost Pressure” — Wolf Parade


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