Download a song that will make you feel better about Toronto after the G20 by Shawn Clarke

Photo by Cody Walker

Well, I spent my weekend infuriated at the people who damaged places I love in Toronto and at the cops who treated innocent people terribly. I won’t divulge on this blog about the G20, you’ll see my opinions on Twitter or Facebook, but I am here to give you a very special song that I found uplifting through all of this, and I hope you will too.

Shawn Clarke is a country singer/songwriter who now resides in this city. This song, “To Think I Once was Lost,” charts his arrival to the city and everything he loved about it when he got here.

I was initially attached to this song because I arrived here four years ago, feeling lost and ready to be found (and proud to say I did for the most part). I leaned on this city so hard. And the city has treated me incredibly well since then. I too look at bits and pieces of Toronto and put them in my happy place. It’s a wonderful city.

But this weekend, everyone who loves this city so much saw it get hurt. Saw it hurt itself. And that was incredibly disappointing. Never have I felt this much pain for people and government and the city as I have this weekend.

So, I was secondly attached to the song for this reason, and as I listened to it on the subway back home yesterday from being safe and sound in Mississauga, I was calmed down and more optimistic for the future.

I am excited to be able to share this song with you, courtesy of Clarke, as well as the lyrics. I hope that you enjoy it and find it inspirational (or at least remember why you love this city).

mp3 download: “To Think I Once was Lost” — Shawn Clarke
—- **Update 10:30a: Link has been fixed!**—-

[Guitar & vocals: Clarke, Vocals: Rebecca Willoughby-Rowan, Slide: Nick Zubeck]

Clarke’s album, Like Birds too Tired to Fly, is beautiful, and I’ll be posting more on it soon. Keep checkin’!

To read the lyrics for “To Think…” look after the jump.

Toronto, one day I ran away and found a home in you
A traveler from the north, it took the greyhound bus an hour or two
I woke up from a slumber to the sights of Bloor and Avenue
Buildings from many decades past embraced the skies of blue

To think I once was lost

Living in the west end filled my days with charms I’d never known
laying in the park with my guitar I felt I’d finally grown
At nights I see the sights of city lights, I walk out on my own
A street car to the subway to a bus and then return to home

To think I Once Was Lost

One day I may awake to find myself a wholly different man
I may just move away and find myself inside a foreign land
you never know how far you’ll go while following your hearts demand
I won’t forget the sounds of Dundas square no matter what my plan

to think I once was lost

Toronto, one day I ran away and found a home in you

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