Album Review: Maylee Todd – Choose Your Own Adventure

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Maylee Todd
Choose Your Own Adventure
By Jessica Lewis

It’s remarkable Maylee Todd is only now releasing her debut album. She’s been around town: singing with synth rock band Woodhands, in a phone commercial, posing for another phone ad and playing frequent concerts. She is also known on the Second City circuit as well for Sweatshop Hop events. Finally, we have her unique blend of ’70s funk and soft jazz cooing with hints of electronic space noises and classical notes in between. Choose Your Own Adventure feels more like you’re watching her route unfold rather than yours, but no matter. It may be Snow White-like, at times, but then it snaps back and it’s all Maylee (plus her band, the Pegwee Power). These ten songs can’t compare to her live show though. It may not contain the energy that her fans always talk about, but perhaps this is just a clever way to divert from the upcoming stereotype of the sophomore slump. In any case, it’s a great (if late) introduction. (Do Right!)


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