Concert Review: Maylee Todd shows off new album at NXNE

There’s going to be things happening and I’m going to talk about stuff later,” said Toronto songstress and multi-instrumentalist Maylee Todd at the beginning of her set at the Piston during NXNE. This may sound like an ambiguous phrase, but somehow it seems to make sense — not just to her set but to her presentation as a musician. Todd does things her own way, and people are accepting that. She’ll explain her reasons when she has to.

Todd’s longtime fans know her as a quirky part of bands such as Woodhands, Henri Faberge and the Adorables, Circle Research and Pegwee Power. The list keeps going. But now it’s her time to shine on her own. Todd’s debut solo album, ‘Choose Your Own Adventure,’ comes out this Tuesday and she used her festival set to show that she’s taken things a different direction, not only cooling the music down and then working it back up again with her own grooves and soulful voice, but also being the frontwoman.

But who would Todd be without at least one costume change and some crazy antics?

FOR MORE of the story, keep reading on Spinner.


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