Concert Review: Arcade Fire at the Danforth Music Hall on June 12

Photo by: Jessica Lewis. For more photos, go to:

It was amazing. Waiting in line from 9am till noon to secure a wristband. Getting home, playing the music, getting hyped. Waiting in line again to get good seats. Grab sixth row and centre. Not stressed or tired like usual at all, but not super excited until those lights turned off.

Arcade Fire burst onto the stage and played for about an hour and a half. It felt incredibly short, but that was to be expected as this was more of a teaser show. A surprise show announced just the Wednesday before by the epic Montreal band. (When did they get so epic?) They played about four or so new songs off the upcoming album The Suburbs. Fans didn’t really know what to do in those times, but I’d say everyone was pretty concentrated on hearing them rather than just hopping up and down and yelling or clapping (which is what happened for every other song). In fact, I liked that it was at the Hall because I could look behind me and see people rocking out and enjoy it because I still had my space between seats. Anyways, I don’t know what to tell you about the new songs. They seem a bit of return to the Funeral days, but they’ve got this whole other “ready for the arena” thing going on as well. There was one song I really enjoyed, but I don’t know what it was. I don’t mind, because once I find out by hearing it, that will be like the discovery all over again.

And of course there were the classics. The band *had* to play the classics, right? I mean, their fans were waiting for hours to see them on short notice. You’ve got to play “Haiti” and “Rebellion (Lies)” and “Power Out.” And so they did. And it was wonderful.
The show was great. But now I will let my slightly crappy videos take over for me. Watch!
“Wake Up”
“The Suburbs”
“Power Out”
“Rebellion (Lies)”

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