Album Review: Elk City – House of Tongues

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Elk City
House of Tongues
By Jessica Lewis

It would help while listening to this album to picture front-woman Renee LoBue in some typical ’70s jumpsuit outfit with fluffy hair, because her voice will bring you back to that era anyway. Heck, even go so far as to picture her on one of those little stages, on TV, with the background blacked out, but she’s just glowing with a microphone. LoBue’s singing and songwriting are so heart-on-sleeve they’re simple and easy to relate to. The band follow with just as simple melodies, and it works. Her voice is a definitive one, not exactly smooth but not frightening to the ears either. LoBue is vulnerable, longing, cautious, but she lays it all out in the most practical way possible. Elk City have been around since ’99 and this album makes them sound knowing, but fresh. (Friendly Fire)


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