Take a Look: Rah Rah

Breaking Hearts. Breaking. Hearts.

Not something you always want to hear, right? But never has a broken heart seemed so pleasant than on Regina rockers Rah Rah‘s new album.

Why? Because they’re in control. They’ve got you right where they want you. They’re going to make you fall in love with them, and then do something unfathomable. Oh wait… scratch that last part. They’re going to make you fall in love with them and then … make you stay there (but only you. They will break everyone else, mhm).

Rah Rah’s album, their second, is both a job well done an incredibly fun and cute 38 minutes. From “Arrows,” they poke you and catch your attention (sorry, couldn’t resist the cheap joke). As it progresses, vocalists Marshall Burns and Erin Passmore show off how strongly they can carry the band in the right direction (as well as compliment each other beautifully), and everyone together — including Kristina Hedlund, Joel Passmore, Leif Thorseth, Vanessa Benson and Dan Crozier — fill up the space so that there’s nothing left. Their spirit can fill rooms and hearts.

There are some easy comparisons to be made, so please spare me. At times, the guitars remind me of Two Hours Traffic, while Burns’ voice at times recalls Win Butler (especially in “Henry” where everything else recalls Arcade Fire as well). There’s another band that they sound like to me, but I can’t think of who it is.

Never thought you’d hear that a song titled “Communist Man” is precious? Well it is. Listen and find out for yourself. “Salty Cities” is very moving and melodic. It’s also where the heart breaking becomes increasingly evident. And yet, “Joey” has that spark of childhood and “What About Love?” reminds me of Karen O‘s song for Where the Wild Things Are trailer.

Rah Rah’s Breaking Hearts is like a topsy-turvy storybook fill of fables and realities involving kings and men and women and love. Though there’s the obvious infliction of pain (to which makes me want to say “RAAAH!” in an angry voice), it presents the brighter side, the lighter side.

Considering that their first album was titled Going Steady, it seems like they’ve come out on top now (and the angst hits its peak on the title track). While I wish I could say they’ve had the last laugh, I want to see what else comes from this band in the future.

Listen to the first three songs off Breaking Hearts on the band’s MySpace page. Breaking Hearts is out today (June 1). They will be playing North by Northeast, and I hope to check them out there! You should too.


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