Album Review: Jay Malinowski – Bright Lights and Bruises

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Jay Malinowski
Bright Lights & Bruises
By Jessica Lewis

When you’re in a band like Bedouin Soundclash, soul comes easy. Jay Malinowski, the band’s lead singer, felt this so much that he made a solo album. He was inspired to go ahead with the project after having pictures taken during a video shoot for BS in a desert. Now, he has that individual experience a lot of singers in bands look for, and we have Bright Lights & Bruises, 13 songs of Malinowski, his guitar and a few added details here and there. It’s obvious that his trademark vocal style of high notes, cracks and wails would remain, and is still fine to listen to, but it’s good to see where he took himself. The album starts out almost as if he’s preaching (“There’s a Light”) then hits anthemic borders (“Santa Monica”), but by the last few songs, he goes slower and feels more morose. (Pirates Blend)


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