Listen to Cadence Weapon’s remix of Gentleman Reg’s “We’re in a Thunderstorm”

Credit: Davida Nemeroff

This afternoon, Gentleman Reg tweeted: “Ever wonder what it would sound like if Cadence Weapon and I collaborated?” and then linked to his MySpace.

If you go to his MySpace, you’ll find a remix of “We’re in a Thunderstorm,” a song of Reg’s album Jet Black. It’s dark and groovy, just the way I like it. Another remix of the song comes on right after it by Psapp, but Weapon’s is much better, albeit maybe in a different direction, it depends what kind of remixes you like. I prefer the club kind, not the kinds that slow a song down.

Could remixing be more of a prominent future for Weapon? Maybe after doing the first round of the whole rock band thing. He’s probably done a ton of other remixes, I just haven’t heard them.

Listen to “We’re in a Thunderstorm (remix)” here.


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